RPG Map Maker is the first role playing games map making application for iOS.

While not sophisticated as other desktop applications, this app is a simple and fun way to create a map while on the move.

You are on the train and just had an idea for the perfect encounter for your party?
You need a quick and dirty map for that small dungeon your players really insist on inspecting?
You simply want to sketch maps looking for adventure ideas?

RPG Map Maker is your tool!
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Version 3 coming soon!

  • Bug fixes
  • Improved drawing speed (in upgrade to HD IAP)
  • Support for Apple Pencil on iPad Pro (in upgrade to HD IAP)
RPG Map Maker features:

• Unlimited map size: the map can be as big as you want, device memory only limits the number of objects you place on the map
• Extensible library of objects
• Objects can be dragged around, rotated and scaled
• Styled text support
• Multiple levels of undo
• Maps can be exported via Photo Album, email or iTunes Sharing
• Universal binary: fully optimized for the iPad
• Retina display support
• …and more!
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