RPG Map Maker Help

To zoom the map, pinch with two fingers:

Map Zoom

To scroll the map, pan with two fingers:
Map Pan


Item Commands
Tap to open and close the item commands menu

Tap to add a picture item

Tap to add a text item

Tap to delete a selected item

Tap to move a selected item to a different layer (HD version only)

Item Commands
Tap to select an item
Drag to move
Use two fingers inside the object to rotate
Use two fingers inside the object to zoom

Item Commands
Tap to open and close the other commands menu

Tap to display grid options

Tap to show the layer manipulation commands (HD version only)

Tap to create and activate a freehand drawing layer (HD version only)

Tap to create and activate a line drawing layer (HD version only)

To export a map, tap on the export button in the top right corner of the map creation window. Map pictures can be shared using the system tools to any app that can import an image, sent via email/iMessage, etc
To import map items and background textures, tap on the Tools button on the main screen. In the following screen, tap on either button to import from the device photo album. Imported items and textures will appear in the “User Pictures” section.
Additional packs are available as in app purchases (accessible through the Store button on the main screen).
TIP: images can be saved to the photo album from web pages, and PNG files keep the transparency

Paint and Draw
When a paint or draw layer is active, a toolbar appears at the bottom of the screen with three buttons:
icon-palette The palette button opens the settings screen, to select color or texture and width

icon-pencil The pen icon (selected by default) allows you to finger draw on the screen

icon-eraser Tapping the eraser icon switches to delete mode: finger drawing erases what has been drawn

Paint layers provide free hand painting on the screen, while Draw layers allow only straight lines.

Layer Manipulation
Tapping the Layer Manipulation icon opens the layers list. The list allows you to change the transparency of the layer (0 being opaque, 100 being fully transparent), hide a whole layer and rename a layer.
Tapping the Edit button allows you to create new Items layers (Paint and Draw layers can be created by tapping on their command buttons), delete layers and reorder them by dragging a layer in the new desired position. Deleting an items layer deletes also all the objects contained in that layer.
The currently active layer is indicated by a check mark, tapping on another layer activates it (note that the grid and background layers are never active).
Items can be moved from a layer to another by tapping on the Move Item to Layer button.